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Universal Studios Hollywood to add permanent Walking Dead fright-fest

The Walking Dead Attraction Coming Summer 2016
Last night’s Talking Dead, which airs immediately following each episode of The Walking Dead, offered some fun news for those entrenched in the zombified universe of the popular AMC series. Universal Studios in Hollywood will be permanently adding a new zombie-themed attraction based on The Walking Dead to the park, coming this summer.

The attraction, which had existed before as part of the Halloween Horror Nights maze, will become a staple of the tourist site. With executive producer Greg Nicotero and his special effects makeup team behind the project, it’s bound to include some seriously scary “walkers” – just like you see on the show.

Not surprisingly, the theme area will only be accessible to those aged 13 and older. Don’t expect to see wax figures of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), though. The setup will focus solely on the reanimated corpses that make the show a constant breath-stealer.

Nicotero told USA Today that you’ll see some happenings from season one, three, and four, as the setup will be a sort of “walk down memory lane.”

“There are moments from the television show,” he added, “that we’ll get a chance to recreate much more faithfully than we would in a maze.”

Calling The Walking Dead a phenomenon, President of Universal Studios Hollywood Larry Kurzweil said “We’re taking its intensity to the next level,” including authentic makeup, more detailed set designs and costumes, replicas of props, and even animatronic walkers alongside live performers.

Judging from the promo video that aired on Talking Dead (which you can see above), the setup will be chilling, and almost like walking through a haunted house of sorts, with zombies desperately trying to get at your flesh. With Nicotero’s hints of the previous season throwbacks, which famous walkers might re-appear as part of the attraction? (Spoiler alert) Maybe Penny, the Governor’s young daughter? Or a replica of his tank of walker heads? The bloated walker who feasted on Lori? We’ll have to check out the park to find out.

There’s no specific launch date just yet, but look for the new theme park attraction some time this summer.

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