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Wesley Snipes is producing a new comic called The Exiled

Wesley Snipes has never hidden his comic book fandom. He pushed for a Black Panther movie in the ’90s before ultimately starring in a trilogy of Blade films that arguably helped pave the way for the X-Men and Spider-Man movies. Now, Snipes is revisiting the comic book realm with a brand new project.

Gifted Rebels and PCB Entertainment are teaming up with Snipes and his Maandi House Studios for a new comic book/graphic novel called The Exiled. Snipes co-created the story with Keith Arem and Adam Lawson. For the actual comic, Lawson will write the script for artist Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos, while Valentina Bianconi will provide the colors.

The story of The Exiled follows Niles “Roach” Washington, a detective who is hunting a serial killer following a deadly gas attack. According to the official description, “The killer is ripping the spines from his victims and using tools over five-thousand years old. The world outcasts Roach for his theories, but his instincts keep pushing him forward. With enemies on all sides, and within, he wades into the darkness to find the killer and uncovers Earth’s darkest secret.”

Wesley Snipes in The Player and The Exiled.

Snipes also shared a statement with the announcement of the project.

“Comics let you explore big worlds. Since Blade, I have been attracted to origin stories and developing characters. Now, I get to build Roach as a character from the ground up and I dig that.”

Presumably, there may be some interest in having Snipes portray Roach in any potential TV or film adaptation of The Exiled. But that’s something for the future. Gifted Rebels and PCB Entertainment will crowdfund the 140 page graphic novel on June 21. For more information about the project, you can check out the official site.

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