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Zach Galifianakis clowns around in trailer for upcoming comedy series Baskets

FX has released the first trailer for Baskets, a new comedy series starring funnyman Zach Galifianakis which follows the life of an American clown.

The two-minute trailer introduces audiences to Chip Baskets, the main character of the series, who studied clowning in France — though he didn’t speak any French — before returning to the United States to look for work.

Produced by Galifianakis, Louis CK, and Jonathan Krisel (Portlandia), Baskets looks to be a series which well-encapsulates Galifianakis’ extremely dry wit. Especially funny moments include the main character becoming frustrated after a fast-food drive-thru doesn’t carry any of a series of rather obscure beverages (Tangerine Fanta, Pepsi Lime, and Schwepps), and when he meets his southern-accented twin brother (also played by Galifianakis).

Despite appearing overtly heady, there does appear to be at least some element of physical comedy in the show, especially in scenes when Galifianakis’ character is dressed in full clown garb; at one point during a rather classical French-style clown performance, he gets run over by a bull.

“We can’t all be florists or dishwashers — some of us have to be artists,” his character can be heard declaring to a particularly well-painted Juggalo during a heart to heart backstage at one of his shows.

For fans of the comedian, a longtime cult favorite in stand-up circles who first rose to international acclaim as part of the Hangover film franchise, the new show should be an enthralling ride. It looks to be as surreal and absurdist as any of his best work, but with a darker edge. That can probably be attributed to the contributions from Louis CK, whose own FX series Louie is one of the darker, and more critically acclaimed comedy series on television.

Time will tell whether Galifianakis’ FX franchise does as well as CK’s, but by the looks of it, the show should be well worth a watch when it hits screens later this month.

The new show will debut on FX on Thursday, January 21.

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