Easy home theater audio tweaks

easy home theater audio tweaks room speakersIt seems like there was a lot going on in the news this week, so we have a bunch of current events to cover – everything from iPad 2 to AllRovi.com. Then we go over some tips from an article at Electronic House called Acoustics Matter: Easy Home Theater Audio Tweaks. The article has some good ideas for how to get the most out of your home theater audio equipment and configuration.

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Acoustics Matter: Easy Home Theater Audio Tweaks

From Electronic House
February 24, 2011 | by Greg Robinson

Setting up a surround sound system isn’t rocket science, but most people take the easy way out by simply plugging everything in and leaving it at that. Remember though that every room affects sound differently, and receiver manufacturers don’t know what kind of speakers you’re using.

To get the most out of your surround sound system, you’ve got a bit of work to do and the below seven tips should help you get started.

1. What Are You Doing, Dave?

2. Size Matters

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Cross Over

4. Two is Greater Than One

5. Level Out

6. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

7. Viva Lossless

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