Trends with Benefits: Wireless earbuds, Windows conspiracies, YouTube Music

T-Mobile Binge On will let you stream everything from Netflix to Hulu without eating up your data cap, but it has some Net Neutrality advocates agitated. Nick Mokey was there when T-Mobile announced it, and he explains the growing hubbub.

Meanwhile, Comcast seems to be going in the opposite direction by placing data caps on “unlimited” accounts, starting in Tennessee. The company positions it as a way to protect customers, yet it could potentially cost existing customers an additional $35 per month. If you take a look at your current Comcast bill, there’s a good chance you already have a “cap” that’s just not being enforced … yet.

YouTube Music dropped this week, and while the app seems like a good idea, we’re also wondering why it didn’t exist years ago. How will YouTube compete in the saturated streaming music market?

All sorts of conspiracy theorists on the Web are convinced Windows 10 is constantly “spying” on you, but is it really? Brad Bourque wrote an entire article about it, and he explains why Microsoft’s limited data collection isn’t nearly as sinister as some people think.

Finally, a company has actually managed to bring truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds to market! Earin started off on Kickstarter and is now (possibly briefly) available at Best Buy. Caleb has his hands on one of the first pairs, and he’s absolutely floored.

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