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Vine star dazzles users with awesome six-second tricks

vine star dazzles users awesome six second tricks magic

Trawl through some of the gazillions of videos on Vine and you’ll find that while some entertain, a good number of them are six seconds too long.

Zach King (aka FinalCutKing), however, falls firmly into the former category, with the editing wizard building up quite a following with his growing library of mind-bending video trickery, with routines that include pulling a kitten from a computer screen, brushing his teeth without using his hands, and eating a car.

Currently a senior in film school at California’s Biola University, King has been working on his videoing skills for some time, already winning over fans on YouTube with a bunch of hits that includes Jedi Kittens Strike Back, a 50-second production featuring….er….Jedi kittens (striking back), which has notched up almost 10 million views.

But it’s his six-second Vine videos which have most recently caused something of a stir online. Perfect for the medium, his editing skills and creative mind come to the fore, combining spectacularly to produce a series of mesmerizing routines guaranteed to leave you scratching your head wondering how on earth he did it.

If you’re on Vine, you can check out King’s videos @Zach King. You can also find them online here.

And how about these ones to get you started….

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