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How to watch NASA unveil its next-generation spacesuit

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV

NASA is about to unveil a prototype of the all-new spacesuit that astronauts will wear when they set foot on the moon in the highly anticipated Artemis III mission, which is currently slated for 2025.

The new gear will be presented to the world on Wednesday morning at a special event hosted by NASA and Texas-based Axiom Space, which made the spacesuit.

The event will feature the first look at the new moonwalking system, a suit demonstration, remarks from NASA and Axiom Space personnel, and question-and-answer sessions with media and students.

Check below for full details on how you can watch a live stream of the big reveal.

Following last year’s successful test flight of NASA’s new Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft as part of the Artemis I mission, there’s now a real sense of momentum with NASA’s Artemis program.

Artemis II, which is currently set for November next year, will send four astronauts on the same course as the crewless Artemis I mission, bringing the astronauts within 80 miles of the lunar surface before returning home.

The Artemis III voyage will put the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface, wearing a version of the suits unveiled today.

“New spacesuits that allow humans to explore the lunar surface advance our capability for human exploration in space,” NASA said in a post on its website. “Under Artemis, new exploration spacesuits and other human surface mobility systems, the Space Launch System rocket, the Orion Spacecraft, ground systems, Gateway, and human landing systems, will enable NASA to return humans to the moon and establish a long-term presence there for scientific discovery.

It added: “This experience prepares us for the next giant leap: sending astronauts to Mars.”

How to watch

NASA and Axiom Space will unveil the next-generation spacesuit at a special event at its Space Center Houston facility in Texas.

The event will start at 10:30 a.m. ET (9:30 a.m. CT) on Wednesday, March 15.

A live stream of the event will be available on the video player embedded at the top of this page, or via NASA’s YouTube channel.

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