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MediaTeck chip logo.

A radical new processor is going to shake up smartphones in 2024

MediaTek has a new chip with a radical design coming, and we spoke to the company to understand more about it and the benefits it will bring.
Colors of iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple totally wasted the iPhone 15’s biggest design change

The Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have a USB-C connector on the base, so what new features did it bring? Sadly, not the one we wanted.
The back of the Fairphone 5.

This Android phone is supposed to last you until 2031. But is it any good?

The Fairphone 5 is very different from other smartphones, and could even last you a decade before replacement, but would you want to keep it that long?
A close-up of the iPhone 14 Pro's camera module.

I finally figured out why I don’t love the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera

After a year with the iPhone 14 Pro's camera, I've worked out what it is that has stopped me from loving it like I did older iPhone cameras.
A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 8.

Wearing this smartwatch again reminded me why it’s still the best you can get

I put the Apple Watch Series 8 back on ahead of the Apple Watch Series 9's announcement, and it made me wish I had worn it more this past year.
The iPhone 14 Plus's charging port.

Why USB-C on the iPhone 15 could be a nightmare

It seems certain Apple will put an USB-C port on the iPhone 15. But will this also bring true fast charging? And if so, is it set to be a nightmare?
A person holding the Google Pixel Fold.

2 weeks with the Google Pixel Fold made me glad I didn’t buy it

The Google Pixel Fold is a brilliant foldable, but it's not without its problems. Here's what I learned after spending two weeks with it.
A person typing on a keyboard, connected to a Pixel Tablet.

I abandoned my iPad for an Android tablet and didn’t hate it

The iPad Pro has long been my go-to tablet, so what would happen when I left it for the Google Pixel Tablet? It changed my opinion about Android tablets.
A person wearing the Withings ScanWatch 2 42mm.

Meet the health-focused, anti-Apple Watch you’ll be proud to wear

Digital Trends speaks to Withings about the new ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light, the innovations inside, and the path to FDA approval for the smartwatches.
Taking a blood pressure measurement on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

I used a smartwatch to take my blood pressure. Here’s why it surprised me

One of the health features on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the ability to take your blood pressure. I've used it, and this is why it really impressed me.
A person holding the Moonbird.

One of the weirdest gadgets I’ve ever tried turned out to be amazing

The Moonbird is one of the more unusual gadgets I've used, but its amazing ability to help me relax and sleep better really surprised me.
A person holding the Fairphone 5.

This is one of the most important new Android phones of 2023

The Fairphone 5 is one of the most important new smartphones of the year, with a sustainability and longevity focus that beats the rest of the mobile industry.
The Angry Miao AM AFA R2 keyboard.

My big problem with this stunning $800 keyboard isn’t the price

This is one of the coolest keyboards ever to grace my desk, and when I try hard, I can justify the price tag. It's just a shame I'm a terrible typist on it.
Moo on the Motorola Razr Plus's cover screen.

The crazy (but cute) reason you should buy a Motorola Razr flip phone

If you're planning to buy a compact flip phone, then I've got one, very cute reason to choose the Motorola Razr over the others. Let me introduce you to Moo.
A person wearing the Ultrahuman Ring Air and the Oura Ring.

I’ve worn two of the best smart rings. Here’s which one you should buy

I've worn both the Oura Ring and the Ultrahuman Ring Air day and night for weeks, and know both products well. Now, I can tell you which one you should buy.
A person holding the Oppo Reno10, showing the back of the phone.

This new Android phone impressed me as soon as I picked it up

I like getting a new phone and then feeling like it's going to be a good one — and that's what I felt with the Oppo Reno 10. Here's why it's been so impressive.
The Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, showing different watch faces.

I reviewed 2 of the best Android smartwatches. This is the one I’d buy

I've worn the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Ticwatch Pro 5 over the past weeks. They're both great, but there's only one I'd actually buy.
A person wearing the Ozlo Sleepbuds.

A pair of tiny earbuds are about to change the way you sleep

A new company has taken the discontinued Bose Sleepbuds 2 and reimagined them as a complete healthy sleep system, with plenty of new features.
The OnePlus 11 and Nothing Phone 2's camera modules.

I tested the cameras on 2 great Android phones and it was brutal

This is a camera battle between the OnePlus 11 and the Nothing Phone 2, which also makes it a battle between Carl Pei phones. Which one will win?
The Apple Watch Ultra on a man's wrist in a pocket.

Apple Watch Ultra review: a big, exciting, overwhelming success

The Apple Watch Ultra may look like a niche product at first glance, but it's way more than that and has genuinely wide appeal. We explain why in our review.
iPhone 14 Pro in Deep Purple, held in a mans hand.

iPhone 14 Pro review: effortlessly and unquestionably superb

The iPhone 14 Pro may not look new, but it has all-new technology and software inside. Find out whether you should buy it in our iPhone 14 Pro review.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, side by side on a persons wrist.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic vs. Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Which Samsung watch is best?

You want to buy Samsung's top 2023 smartwatch, but which is it? The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic or the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro? We've got the answer right here.
The back of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

My camera test of the two best flip phones was frustratingly close

Does the Galaxy Z Flip 5 have a better camera than the Galaxy Z Flip 4? We put the two against each other to find out.
A person holding the Ultrahuman Air ring.

This smart ring is one of the most confusing products I’ve ever reviewed

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is unlike any other fitness tracker, in more ways than one. We've worn this smart ring for a month to fully review it.
The Galaxy Z Fold 4 (left) and Galaxy Z Fold 5 rear panels.

I did a camera test with two $1,800 phones. Then something annoying happened

I compared the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5's camera with the Galaxy Z Fold 4's, and the results were quite frustrating.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Mint and blue colors.

I made a mistake with my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Samsung's special blue color. And it looks great! But I wish I knew something important before I got it.
A person opening the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review: the best foldable of its kind

Samsung has made the Galaxy Z Fold 5 thinner and lighter, but does that make it worth buying? Oh yes, it really does. We explain why in our full review.
A person wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic review: Samsung’s best smartwatch yet

Samsung has brought the rotating bezel back for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, and in our review, we explain why there's a whole lot more to this great smartwatch.
A press shot of the Honor Magic V2 Ultimate in black.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is about to get a serious new rival

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are barely available to buy, but a rival has at least one challenger coming next month, and it could be a big deal.
The iPhone 14 Pro and Google Pixel 7 Pro's voice recording apps running together.

I record interviews for work. These are my favorite free recorder apps

I sometimes need to record interviews as part of my job, and the best free recorder apps I've used are probably already installed on your phone.
A still from K-pop group Kep1er's 2023 concert in Japan.

The best K-pop songs of 2023 so far

As we cross over into the second half of 2023, it's time to look back and choose our favorite K-pop songs released in 2023 so far.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 5.

I almost made a terrible mistake when I first used the Galaxy Z Fold 5

I don't want you to make the same mistake I almost did about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, and that's to treat it as a boring update. It's absolutely not.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, showing the top of the hinge.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5’s biggest upgrade is hiding in plain sight

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 has a bunch of small changes throughout its spec sheet. But its best upgrade is hiding in plain sight.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy Z Flip 5 resting on a table.

I’m buying a new Samsung folding phone, but not the one you’d expect

I love my big-screen Galaxy Z Fold 4, but I'm not upgrading to the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Instead, another folding smartphone has caught my eye — and taken my money.