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The little Kickstarter project that could … or couldn’t. Tough to say, really

In which we imagine how the project of our dreams might actually play out when the dreams part of it smacks headlong into the reality of launching products on the crowdsourced funding platform and media darling.

This browser is not a browser: Re-imagining our window to the Web

Forget everything you thought you knew about browsers. Technical innovation and creativity are pushing these simple tools to new frontiers of interactivity.

Inside the terrifying new world of digital surveillance, from its latest victim

For a guy just caught in a love triangle thanks to messages from a Gmail account, General David Petraeus sure knew a lot about the terrifying possibilities of 21st century surveillance.
Emerging Tech

Three tech lessons learned the hard way (from Hurricane Sandy)

When disaster strikes, you get a whole new perspective on what’s important in the high-tech devices we rely on.
Emerging Tech

Kickstarter is cultivating terrific product designers… who might not know what they’re doing

Kickstarter is one of the most promising applications of crowd sourcing currently available, but the lack of rigorous standards – and a naive willingness on all of our parts to put faith designers and entrepreneurs who haven't earned it…
Emerging Tech

Clever retailers beat high rent with paper-thin stores

By leveraging smartphones and relatively inexpensive advertising space, some retailers are springing up the virtual equivalent of supermarket shelves in subway tunnels. And it’s working.