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Chuck Tannert

Chuck Tannert

Chuck Tannert is a seasoned writer, editor, and digital content strategist with more than 20 years of experience. (Read: He is old! But, don’t hold that against him.) A creative thinker with a quick wit, Chuck has covered a wide range of subjects from technology and how it’s changing the world to lifestyle issues and culture. But, his specialty is automobiles and the future of mobility. His work has appeared in many print and online outlets, including Cargo, CNET, Fast Company, MSN, Popular Mechanics, and many others.

Autonomous Driving Systems

Can’t we all just drive along? The not-so-universal language of autonomous cars

The road to an autonomous future is filled with competitive driving systems – but what happens when they encounter each other on the street? Automakers must decide whether to follow the same code, or duke it out for safety supremacy.