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Latest by Erika Prafder

lifebrush is a smart toothbrush that shows where to brush

Attack the plaque with a smart toothbrush that knows where you haven’t brushed

music sleeping device baby wifi quiet night

No more sleepless nights? Interactive baby music device is music to the ears

The joy of parenting a newborn is often challenged by sleep deprivation. Endless nights of crying can be overwhelming. But new, WiFi-enabled Quiet Night, may just help turn this parenting experience nightmare in to a dream.
startup eliminate need for real estate agents home sale sold sign

Can having smart-home devices make your home sell faster?

cutting edge cordless garden equipment hedge trimmer

Get charged up for yard work with these cordless, eco-friendly maintenance tools

Get charged up for yard work with EGO’s line of battery-powered lawn and garden tools, which includes a mower, blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer and chainsaw.

Personal trainer, assistant, DJ: A wearable that improves your tennis swing and dims the lights

new york times plans one sentence stories for apple watch spring forward 003

Wear your home on your sleeve with the new Apple Watch

peel smart remote expands to control home devices app

Become master of your domain with one app to control your entire house