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Margaux MacColl

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TikTok creators say the Creator Fund is killing their views. Some are leaving

TikTok creators say the Creator Fund, designed to pay creators for their content, is killing their views. Now, some are leaving.
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Conservative, pro-Trump witches are flocking to Facebook

Facebook pages for conservative witches have cropped up, seeking to create a space for witches who feel marginalized by their more liberal peers.
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The Reverb Remix community is YouTube’s sensitive, supportive refuge

The caring comments on “slowed and reverb” remixes on YouTube are a reprieve from the toxicity often found on the platform.

WitchTok, the online coven of TikTok witches, is mobilizing against racism

The WitchTok community on TikTok has gone from a gathering place to share spells to an organized movement for fierce political mobilization.