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Semhar Debessai

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Semhar is an LA-based writer who is a fan of any gadget that makes opening a bottle of wine easier. She lives in constant fear of running out of space on her DVR.

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This may be the most luxurious tiny house we’ve seen yet

Open up the garage door on New Frontier's tiny homes, and you may be surprised what you see inside. The company manages to put a lot of luxury inside its 240-square-foot homes.
Smart Home

Ikea not so into Kanye West designing its dorm-room furniture

Despite his well wishes, Kanye West was spurned by furniture giant IKEA who said that while it's flattered, there's no intention of collaboration with the typically outspoken artist. West wanted to design its flat pack furniture.
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Finding an apartment to rent is as easy as hitting "Send" with Trulia's new Facebook Messenger bot

Facebook Messenger just launched the Trulia bot which lets users find available apartments and how much its monthly rent is by direct messaging the bot exactly the same way they might message a friend.