Apple has been rickrolling us this whole time

apple watch support page rickroll applewatchrickroll
Apple has a subtle sense of humor. Never has that been more evident than by the discovery of a joke hidden deep in the support pages for the Apple Watch.

The Next Web points out that a previously unnoticed Rick Roll has been sitting on the support page for the Apple Watch’s Digital Touch feature.

Under the “Add a friend” section of the document, there is a set of step-by-step instructions for adding a new friend to the Apple Watch’s interface. Accompanying the instructional is an image meant to show how the Friends menu will look on a user’s Watch, with each friend represented by a little bubble and their initials.

Within those little circles, Apple has embedded the Internet’s most time-honored prank: the Rick Roll. Through the initials, the phrase “Never gonna give you up” appear.

The page was updated on Sept. 16, 2015 in advance of WatchOS 2, and it seems likely the joke was put in place then.

It’s not the only time Apple busts out a Rick Astley reference, either. On another support page for Control Center, there’s a screenshot depicting the feature on an iPhone. There’s a song playing, displayed in the Control Center. That song? “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Why is Apple populating its online support documents with the one-hit wonder that was given new life by the Web? Who knows. Probably because it’s funny and silly and the Cupertino company knew the second someone discovered it, the little prank would blow up.

Turns out, that’s exactly what has happened.

Is the joke played out at this point? Sure, but it’s an unexpected little bit of personality flashed by Apple in the most unlikely of places. So we’ll let it slide. Just be glad Apple didn’t try to pull what it did with U2’s album and automatically install the song on everyone’s device without even asking.

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