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Conan O’Brien introduces the new, $260 Apple Pocket Watch

Introducing Apple Pocketwatch
If the biggest hurdle for Apple with the Apple Watch is getting people to once again wear a watch everyday, then persuading us to carry a pocket watch could be an even harder task, but that hasn’t put Conan O’Brien off. He has come up with the Apple Pocket Watch, which at less than half the price of the average Apple Watch, and all the functionality of an iPhone, could be quite a success.

Getting one is much easier than enduring the inevitable mad scramble for the Apple Watch too, because all you need to do is pack up your iPhone, and send it along with $260 to O’Brien, who will return your beautiful new Apple Pocket Watch within an unspecified amount of time.

Well, we say beautiful, but because this is a Conan O’Brien product, a few corners have been cut in the quest for profit. What you get is, well, take a look at the video to see the Apple Pocket Watch in all its dubious glory.

If you’re not convinced by the Apple Pocket Watch — which is probably a good thing — and are hankering after the actual Apple Watch, you haven’t got long to wait. Pre-orders begin on April 10, two weeks before it goes on sale in a few countries around the world. Prices start at $350 and go all the way up to a shocking $17,000.

You can learn all about the Apple Watch here, and find out what it’s like to wear the exciting new device here.

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