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Tune out distracting workplace noise with the Orosound Tilde earphones

Tilde ~ Selective Noise Cancelling Earphones
Is a noisy workplace cutting into your productivity? If that is the case, you’re not alone. Paris-based startup Orosound launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Tilde selective noise-canceling earphones designed specifically to help workers “listen to the sounds that matter and tune out the rest.”

Citing the International Facilities Management Association, Orosound states that 84 percent of people complain about workplace noise levels and 80 percent say “they struggle to concentrate because of background noise.” Tilde is designed to control distracting ambient noise levels, help you focus on the sounds you want, and connect via Bluetooth to phones and wireless audio devices.

The Tilde neckband has a “pebble” at each end with an earbud attached by a thin wire. For most people, the pebbles will reach just over the collarbones. The pebbles have a total of eight directional microphones and controls to adjust modes and noise-cancellation levels.

Tilde’s major features include selective directional technology, adjustable noise cancellation, and the ability to connect in various manners with Bluetooth devices. With selective directional technology, which Orosound has patented, a user can control sounds by directly facing one direction — sound from that direction comes though unfiltered, while sound from all other directions are reduced by 12 decibels.

With adjustable noise cancellation, the user can use a slider located on one of the pebbles to adjust the volume of ambient noise from zero to 30 dB.  The multipurpose Bluetooth connection can be used to optimize phone calls while blocking echoes as well as ambient sound or to listen to full-quality audio.

A micro-USB port connects to a battery charger for up to 20 hours use in noise management only or eight hours with what Orosound describes as “heavy use” with both noise management and a constant connection to Bluetooth-connected devices.

Orosound expects to ship the Tilde earphones in May and is launching the Kickstarter campaign to start large-scale production and marketing. Tilde’s retail price on product launch will be about $320. During the campaign the Kickstarter special price will be about $200 with a limited number available at Super Early Bird ($160) and Early Bird ($175) prices.

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