Volleyball players, your time is now: VERT releases wearable that measures how high you jump

vert wearable records high jump device and app

Whether you’re a volleyball player or someone who just really likes jumping, you want to be able to gauge how high you jump in order to help you improve your form. This is where Vert comes in. The company just released its Jump Rate Monitor wearable for sale.

Akin to a small belt clip, the Vert Jump Rate Monitor monitors every jump you make, and sends the data to a complimentary iOS app. In the app, you can view your jump rate, jump height, and any additional jump-related measurements. The wearable calculates your jump metrics by means of a proprietary algorithm that contains more than 53 simulations that measure vertical height. This way, the Jump Rate Monitor can calculate motion in an accurate fashion — hopefully, at least. While you are more than welcome to measure your own jumps, coaches can also monitor your data through the app.

However, Vert also addresses the fact that jumping isn’t all fun and games. Whenever anyone is in the air, be it an athlete or otherwise, there is always a risk of injury. The Vertcoach app, which is separate from the free companion app, allows coaches to minimize the risk of injury their athletes face by monitoring player jumps. It’ll cost you $100 to download the coach app, but Vert doesn’t explain much beyond that on its website or in its press release.There’s no word on whether there is an Android version of the app in the works.

The Vert Jump Rate Monitor is now available for $125 on the company’s website.