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Now you can be part of McLaren’s design team with the 570S online configurator

After a brief wait, McLaren finally revealed the car kicking of its Sport Series, the 570S. Set as the most attainable McLaren, now’s the time to get to work building the 570S we want to see in our garages with the car’s online configurator.

The configurator takes browsers through all of the options available for the newly unveiled exotic. Starting off is choosing one of 17 special, standard, and elite color options for the exterior. From there, its carefully selecting the different exterior options that allow for certain bits of the bodywork to be swapped out for carbon fiber. A whole carbon fiber package is available, but viewers can also pick and choose which elements to replace. Some colors even allow for a stealth pack that blot out the red in the McLaren logo.

McLaren 570S Configurator

On the inside, viewers can select pre-configured packages put together by the McLaren design them. These cover both the luxury and sport sides of the trim spectrum. Going by them individually yields options like leather color, picking which surfaces to wrap in Alcantara, and if you want some bright orange seat belts. Naturally, the cabin can be fully decked out in carbon fiber, too.

There’s an option to select some other accessories like backup camera and parking sensors, but that’s more the sake of listing it on the final PDF that can be downloaded once the 570S is appropriately spec’d out.

McLaren 570S Configurator

All the choices are purely cosmetic and shoppers still get a stunning car with a mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. It puts 562 horsepower to the rear wheels, distributed through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for maximum enjoyment.

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From there, it’s off to the dealership to put in an order, just be prepared to hand over over $180,000 for the privilege. Until we drum up the dough, we’ll be here, trying to decide between vermillion red or fire black.