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Having problems with your Microsoft Surface 4 Pro? We have 16 solutions

Nothing frustrates like getting a shiny new Surface Pro 4 and finding out it doesn’t work. That’s why we’ve collected the most common complaints about Microsoft’s latest professional tablet and provided you with helpful steps to make your Pro 4 well again in short order. Scroll down to find the problems, or use the toolbar at the bottom of your browser to quickly jump through any potential problems you might have. Hopefully, the answer to your problem is below.

Problem: My Surface Pro 4 is really, really slow


  • A number of different issues can cause your Surface Pro to slow to a crawl. We suggest that you start by looking through all your open desktop apps and closing down a few of them. If your speed immediately improves, you had too many programs running for your RAM to deal with — keep this in mind in the future.
  • We also suggest that you check your disk space to see if your storage is a little full. You can easily clear up a little disk space by searching for “disk cleanup” in your Search box, which will bring up the Disk Cleanup. Launch it, choose the types of files you don’t mind losing, and then run the tool to delete unnecessary files. Afterward, empty your Recycle Bin.
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