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15 iPhone 6S tips and tricks to make the most of your iPhone

Have you got a decent handle on what your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus is actually capable of? It may look just like its predecessor, but your new iPhone has hidden depths. Apple adds all sorts of new capabilities with each new model, but they’re not always obvious. If you want to uncover all the new features and functionality, then these iPhone 6S tips and tricks will give you a head start.

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Skipping app actions, 3D Touch tricks, and more

How to bring photos to life

Live Photos are one of the best features about the new iPhone 6S. By default, whenever you take a photo, it will also capture a couple of seconds of video on either side of the shot. Reviewing the snaps in your Photos app, you can bring them to life by pressing down hard on the image. You can set Live Photos to be your new wallpaper as well, and pressing down on it from the lock screen will cause it to move. Live Photos also record audio, so be careful what you say just before and after shots.

It’s worth noting that Live Photos are significantly bigger than normal photos. If you aren’t bothered about this feature, or you want to save space, then you can turn it off by tapping the three yellow circles icon in the Camera app.

How to skip to app actions


Instead of loading up an app, and then choosing what you want to do, you can actually skip directly to some functions. If you want to give it a try, then press down hard on an app’s icon, and you’ll get a wee menu of possible functions. This only works on some apps, most of them from Apple, but more developers will incorporate 3D Touch into their designs soon. For example, doing this on the Camera app reveals the option to Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo, or Take Photo.

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How to use Peek and Pop

The heart of 3D Touch lies in the Peek and Pop functionality. Press down on an email or a web link and you’ll get a peek at its contents. You can also swipe your finger up to reveal a an array of options, such as Open Link, Add to Reading List, or Copy with a website link. Let go, and you’ll drop back to where you were. If you decide you want to continue and visit that website or open the full message, simply press down harder to Pop in.

How to quickly send a message or start a call

You don’t need to open the Phone or Messages app to reach out to one of your contacts. Instead, you can just press down on a contact’s photo while in just about any app, and you’ll bring up a menu with options to start a call, send a message or FaceTime. Additionally, you can press down on messages to send quick replies. While in the Messages app, press down on a conversation to peek at it, then swipe up to see some quick reply options like “OK,” “Talk Later,” and “Thanks!” If you have a number you want to turn into a new contact, press down on it to reveal options to add it to an existing contact, or make an all new one.

How to look at recent photos while taking new ones

While in the Camera app, press down on the Camera Roll thumbnail in the bottom-left corner to peek at that photo, and from there you can scroll left and right to look at other photos you’ve taken. Letting up on the thumbnail will return the Camera app to its original state.

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