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The minimalist Light Phone wants to be your ‘phone away from phone’

If you’re hopelessly addicted to your smartphone but really don’t want to be, the Light Phone may be the device to sort you out.

Currently a Kickstarter project, the credit-card-sized handset only makes and takes calls, allowing you to free yourself from all the temptations a smartphone presents and enabling you to engage more with your immediate environment. Yes, it’s a phone with so little functionality that hooking up with friends may actually result in distraction-free encounters featuring eye contact and other direct interaction (if they’re not buried in their own smartphone, that is).

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The Light Phone Kickstarter Campaign from The Light Phone on Vimeo.

If the mere thought of switching to a bare-bones phone causes a bead of sweat to form on your brow, fear not. The Light Phone doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up your main handset – the makers understand that’d be one step too far for most phone users. Instead, you can easily forward calls from your smartphone on the occasions when you dare to leave the house without it, although the Light Phone does also come with its own number should you take the bold step to use it as your main mobile.

Created by product design developer Kaiwei Tang and artist/designer Joe Hollier, the elegant-looking Light Phone is only 4mm thick and weighs just 38.5 grams. It can hold up to 10 speed dial numbers, and incorporates a SIM card slot, micro USB port, and very little else.

The device’s minimal functionality means it can go for up to 20 days on a single charge, a feature that’d make it a great back-up phone, too.

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Outlining the “phone away from phone” on their Kickstarter page, the pair explain, “We aren’t creating new technology, we’re using the best existing technology in a new way. We have stripped away everything but the phone itself, the only essential connection that the user needs.”

Light Phone’s creators are looking to raise $200,000, and with almost $170,000 already pledged with 37 days to go, it looks as if the device is set to become a reality. The Light Phone will cost $100 and should start shipping to early backers around May 2016.