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Not just child’s play, 91-year-old grandma flies GoPro-equipped drone

GoPro is known for the intense action its cameras shoot, but the company wants us to know that its Hero4 cams are more than capable in filming things that are less extreme. In its latest video, GoPro showed the soft and gentler sides of its Hero4 camera, filming a 91-year-old grandmother going about her day watering a garden, picking vegetables, and other usual grandma stuff. The video shows a variety of angles, including from a drone and her point of view, as well as slow-motion shots. What’s cute is that, at a minute into the video, we see the woman flying the drone to get a good view of her house and the trees surrounding it (we aren’t sure if it’s grandma that’s actually flying the drone, or just simply holding a controller).

The footage from the drone/Hero4 hybrid actually looks great and smooth (although you can see the bright sunlight washing out a few scenes, but that’s expected). Read our full review of the Hero4 Silver here.