Texas residents have to start paying sales tax on Amazon purchases in July

As Amazon continues to battle with various states over the issue of sales tax collection, purchases made within Texas will soon become more expensive for current residents.


Can Walmart gain an online advantage over Amazon by simply accepting cash?

While Amazon continues to dominate the online retail space, big box retailer Walmart made an interesting move today and may attract a segment of online shoppers that shun credit cards.


Amazon Kindle Fire accounts for more than half of all Android tablets in the US

Amazon's Kindle Fire has been living up to its name in sales, spreading over the better half of the Android tablet market within only months on the market.

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David versus Goliath: Children’s book publisher pulls its titles from Amazon and what it means for you

The Educational Development Corporation, the latest publisher to go head to head with web giant Amazon, has pulled its books from the retailer's virtual shelves. But what does this relatively small move really mean for the future of book-selling and online…


Apple responds to DoJ e-book lawsuit: We did nothing wrong

Apple says that it did not collude to fix the price of e-books — it simply helped break Amazon's "monopolistic" stranglehold on the publishing industry, while also offering a superior product to consumers.


Dust off the old CD collection, Amazon wants to buy it

As more consumers transition from purchasing compact discs to downloading music off the Internet, Amazon has rolled out a way for consumers to ditch old music on physical media.


Apple, Amazon, and the bitter tale of selling e-books

The U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit against Apple and five of the largest book publishers in the U.S. is only the latest chapter in the sad saga of the e-book market.


Amazon adds Instant Video to the PlayStation 3

While Amazon continues to attract new Prime subscribers with the addition of more content available on Instant Video, the online retailer is partnering with Sony to bring more video content to the PS3.


Scam to swindle music royalty payments from iTunes and Amazon exposed in UK

A scam used to defraud iTunes and Amazon out of £500,000 has been exposed in the UK, with the criminals behind it receiving jail sentences this week.


Kindle Fire gets its own speaker dock

The Kindle Fire's success may have captured the interest of third-party developers as news of a speaker dock made especially for the tablet comes forward.

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos finds Apollo 11 rockets 14,000 feet under water

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has found the F-1 rockets used to propel the first men to the moon in NASA's Apollo 11 mission.

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Kindle Fire update offers in-book sharing, document storage, DRM fix

While Amazon continues to remain quiet about any new Kindle-branded tablets, the retail giant just launched a firmware update for the Kindle Fire that offers a variety of improvements.

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Daily Deals sites are getting extra meta these days

Deals on deals on deals? You read it right. Daily deals aggregators are making online shopping cheaper than ever.


Amazon acquires Kiva for $775 million to bolster robotic workforce

With the increasing pressure to keep up with its customer's demands, Amazon has acquired warehouse automation solution, Kiva Systems Inc. to bolster its robotic workforce.

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Amazon lands deal with Discovery to stream Mythbusters, Shark Week and more

As competition between Amazon and other streaming video providers like Netflix heats up, the retail giant just added a considerable amount of video entertainment for reality TV junkies.

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