Anyone photographing subjects against a white backdrop may violate Amazon patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Amazon with the "Studio Arrangement" patent, which describes the technique of shooting subjects against a white backdrop. The problem is, photographers of all skill levels already do this, so it…

Amazon expands USPS Sunday delivery to 15 new U.S. cities

Potentially ideal if you live in one of these cities in the United States, Amazon is launching expanded support for Sunday delivery using a partnership with the United States Postal Service.

Google, Facebook and Amazon blast the FCC’s Internet ‘fast lanes’ proposal

Definitely not interested in paying ISP's for preferential treatment, a group of nearly 150 technology companies stood together against the FCC's proposed plan to regulate deals involving paying for speed.

You can now use Twitter to add things to your #AmazonCart

Amazon has just rolled out a new feature called #AmazonCart, which lets users add items to their cart by including a hashtag in a tweet. So far, the capability is only available in the US and the UK.

Want a smartwatch? Amazon has a new Wearable Tech store for that

The wearable technology category is really taking off and Amazon intends to sell activity trackers, smart watches, and more from established and newcomers. Expect competitive prices in its new Wearable Technology store.

ComiXology pulls in-app purchases to cut out Apple and Google

Well that didn’t take long. Just a couple of weeks after Amazon announced it was acquiring the ‘iTunes for comics’ platform ComiXology, the service’s Comics app on iOS has been updated to cut out in-app purchase…

Amazon’s smartphone may come with Prime Data plan

How would you like some free data with your new 3D-capable Amazon smartphone? Reports suggest the handset will come bundled with an Amazon Prime Data plan, but details remain scarce.

Amazon to take on UPS and FedEx with its own ‘last mile’ shipping service

Hit by shipping delays last Christmas after UPS and FedEx became overwhelmed with packages, and in a bid to better control shipping costs, Amazon is reportedly testing out a new 'last mile' delivery service for its customers.

Amazon takes on the grocery store with Prime Pantry

Potentially useful for heavy products that you have to lug out to your car each week, Amazon's Prime Pantry service will ship groceries to your doorstep for a flat rate fee rather than a weight-based shipping fee.

Households that pay online sales tax spend 10 percent less on Amazon

Definitely an interesting impact on sales through Amazon, a new two-year study shows that the introduction of an online sales tax within a state significantly impacts consumer spending levels.

The battle for exclusive games makes its way to Android and iOS

According to a recent report, Google, Apple, and Amazon are vying for video game exclusivity in order to strengthen their platforms. Given how well Google Play and the App Store have performed, developers practically lick their lips at the…

Samsung offers free ebooks through new Galaxy-only Kindle app (Updated)

Samsung and Amazon have signed a deal to release a dedicated Kindle book store app for owners of the Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy devices, which offers the chance to download 12 books for free in the first year.