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Amazon to add Hulu Plus, Crackle and Showtime to Fire TV voice search

Likely useful if you are an early adopter of the Fire TV streaming set-top box, Amazon is adding three new partners to the voice search platform in order to expand the content library beyond Amazon Instant Video.
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Bezos maintains he’s serious about Amazon’s drone delivery service, currently testing tech

If you thought Jeff Bezos's idea for a drone delivery system was little more than a lame publicity stunt, think again. A recent letter to shareholders shows the plan is taking shape, with engineers working on "generations 7 and 8" of the…

Report: Amazon’s first smartphone to be revealed in June, ships by September

Looking to disrupt the smartphone market and take on both Apple and Samsung, retail giant Amazon may be working on a new mobile phone that used multiple front-facing cameras to display 3D images on the screen.
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Amazon’s Fire TV aims to ‘mirror’ Chromecast with Allcast screen mirroring support

A beta version of the Android app, AllCast, is reportedly now available for Amazon's FireTV, allowing savvy users to jump into screen mirroring immediately. For those less adventurous, the official app should be available to Fire TV owners…
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Amazon might preach open pastures, but it’s not above a little herding

Amazon fancies itself above the fray of operating-system squabbles, but as the Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and now Fire TV prove, the online megaretailer has its own agenda: Selling you as much as possible.
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Amazon launches Dash, a home barcode scanner

The AmazonFresh grocery service has only reached two states so far, but that hasn't stopped Amazon launching a new barcode scanner that you can use to stock up your shelves from your own home.
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Amazon’s Fire TV is a win for everyone, even if its flame dwindles quickly

With the Fire TV, Amazon came out with guns blazing. The company picked apart its competition and made sure its box delivered where others did not. For now, the Fire TV has the horsepower and search chops to charge past its competition; but…
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Amazon’s $99 Fire TV puts Apple, Roku on notice with voice search, open ecosystem

Amazon today unveiled the FireTV, a set-top box that takes direct aim at Roku and Apple TV. To differentiate itself, Amazon said it created the FireTV to address three glaring issues it sees as the primary barriers between users and…
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Roku CEO calls Apple TV a money loser, shrugs off new Amazon streaming device

At a recent Re/Code conference, Roku CEO Anthony Wood called out his peers in the streaming marketplace, including Apple, and Amazon. As competition is rising from all facets of the streaming universe, see why Wood and Roku aren't sweating.
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Amazon denies having a free, ad-supported streaming media service in the works

After a Wall Street Journal article sparked rumors of a free streaming service from Amazon on the way, a spokeswoman for the company has flatly denied it.
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Amazon’s set-top Apple TV competitor looks primed for an April 2 launch

The media giant today issued invitations to media outlets for its April 2 "Update On Our Video Business" in New York. Amazon's set-top box is positioned as a direct competitor of Apple TV, Roku and Google (specifically its Chromecast).