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Celebrating Tumblr’s 100 million blog milestone

Tumblr is churning out millions of blogs - and here are some of our favorites that managed to turn an Internet pastime into a Web-based business.
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Amazon expands X-Ray to include popular TV shows on its Instant Video platform

Amazon has expanded its X-Ray feature to include many popular TV shows available on its Instant Video platform, including Justified, Downton Abbey, Sons of Anarchy, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Lost, Glee, Breaking Bad and Game of…

Rumor: Amazon’s possible Kindle smartphone may sport a 4.7-inch display

Rumors of an Amazon Kindle smartphone are back, this time with talk of the device's prospective screen size. After a last minute change in this area, the phone may be on track for a late 2013 launch.
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Report: Spotify to move beyond music into video streaming

Spotify is known for its music streaming service, but the company might be considering expanding into video on-demand. What's more, Spotify is rumored to be interested in creating original content as well.

Amazon CEO and his Expeditions team recover Apollo 11’s F-1 engines from ocean floor

When Amazon boss Jeff Bezos says he's going fishing, you'd better listen up. His latest expedition recovered two rocket engines from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean that helped power Apollo 11 towards the moon in 1969.

Send to Kindle debuts for Mac & PC, gives Instapaper a run for its money

Reading your favorite websites on the go just got even easier. Amazon extended its Kindle empire further today with the launch of the "Send to Kindle" button and application.

CIA reportedly makes $600M deal with Amazon to build cloud computing system

Amazon and the CIA may have worked out a now not-so-secret $600 million deal that will have the e-commerce company building a private cloud for the agency within the next ten years.

Amazon rumored to be building a $100 Kindle Fire tablet (Updated)

Amazon may be working on an even more budget version of its current cheapest Kindle Fire tablet. How much cheaper? The rumor says it'll cost $100, and boast specs seen on the more expensive Kindle Fire HD.

Why it’s still hard to discover new music online (and how we can fix it)

Services like Spotify and Pandora have radically disrupted the traditional state of music distribution, but the tools to help us deal with this glut of amazing music have yet to develop.
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Seattle bar preemptively bans customers wearing Google Glass

Specifically looking to protect the privacy of customers, the owner of a Seattle restaurant and bar announced plans to boot out anyone that enters the business wearing Google Glass.
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A glimpse into the future of TV: How Microsoft, Intel, Amazon and Netflix aim to change the game

The future of TV may be in the hands of some companies that have been far removed from the broadcast giants we've grown up with. Amazon, Microsoft, Intel and Netflix are all making a power play with original content and live TV over…

Amazon introduces Cloud Player app for the iPad and iPad mini

Amazon announced the release of a new app that allows customers to access the Amazon Cloud using an iPad or iPad mini. The free app allows users to stream music from the cloud on their device while connected to Wi-Fi or a network, plus…