Report: Amazon wants to offer free smartphones without a contract

Potentially a game changer that could steal a significant amount of market share from Apple and Samsung, the Amazon smartphone rumor has reappeared with the added twist of being completely free.
Cool Tech

Amazon announces Kindle Matchbook, upgrades Kindle Paperwhite

Potentially useful to Amazon customers that want to make the transition to digital books, the Kindle Matchbook program will offer significant discounts on the digital version of a purchased physical book.

How to be an effective couch potato and binge-watch this Labor Day

Got the day off? Grab a computer or other Web-enabled streaming device and hit up these shows. It's time for some good-old fashioned binge-watching.

How to buy fine art on the Web without getting ripped off

Amazon Art, the online superstore's new marketplace for fine art, lets anyone become an art collector. But breaking into the art world can be an intimidating endeavor. The co-founders of online art dealer UGallery explain how to get you…

5 things you need to know about Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post

Mergers, acqusitions, and buy-outs can be confusing ... and if you're sitting there wondering why Amazon just bought a media empire, then let us clear things up for you regarding the Jeff Bezos-Washington Post deal.
Social Media

Miss Netiquette’s guide to putting reviews online

Social media can be a tricky thing to navigate and no one has written the rules on codes of conduct. We're here to help you with best practices for sites Web-wide, and this includes the dos and don'ts of being an online reviewer.

Report: Amazon’s Kindle Fire lineup is getting an upgrade this fall

Likely launching new models in order to keep up the pressure on Apple and Google, Amazon is reported to be working on new versions of the Kindle Fire tablets that could launch within the next two months.

Apple e-book fallout: What it means for your wallet

A federal judge this week found Apple guilty of conspiring to raise the price of e-books across the board. It's a big loss for Apple – but depending on how the judge punishes Apple, you may end up with a few more dollars in your wallet.

‘App store’ fight ends – Apple drops trademark lawsuit against Amazon

Apple boss Tim Cook said last year that he "hates litigation", so it may not come as a surprise to learn that this week the company backed down in a long-running trademark dispute with Amazon over the use of the term "app store".

PS4 and Xbox One break Amazon pre-order records during E3 2013

Amazon touts a strongest-ever week for pre-orders thanks to the flood of customers stepping up to put money down on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the flurry of E3 2013 announcements.

Microsoft investigated idea of launching Amazon-like e-commerce site, report says

A report Thursday revealed computer giant Microsoft was until recently researching the possibility of launching an online marketplace to take on the likes of Amazon and eBay. The project has since been shelved.
Social Media

Amazon debuts group gift cards for Facebook

Claiming to make gift giving "simple, social and fun”, e-commerce giant Amazon has launched a new Facebook-connected feature that lets friends pool their cash for a gift card.