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Amazon set-top box to include third party apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus

Potentially an ideal piece of home theater hardware for anyone heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem of content, the retailer's set-top box is expected to include access to third party applications.
Cool Tech

US judge says commercial drones are legal (for now)

A ruling by a US judge on Thursday has paved the way for commercial drones to take to the skies, though the FAA may act soon in an attempt to put a proper ban in place. Hey, maybe that beer delivery service can get off the ground after…
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Netflix’s new prank video clowns Amazon’s drone delivery concept, and it’s pretty funny

Netflix takes Amazon's idea of drone delivery service to extremes in this new video. DVD's by helicopter invading the men's room? Yes please. Click the link to see Amazon's grand plan gone horribly, hilariously wrong.
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Amazon readies its potentially game-changing set-top box, aims for March release

The device, which we've followed for nearly a year at this point, will be a certain opponent of Roku, Apple TV and other content-streaming hardware, considering Amazon's ownership of Netflix's cloud servers, the mega-company's dabbling in…

Amazon Prime price hike will hit subscriber base hard, survey indicates

Amazon likely accepts that it'll lose a certain number of subscribers if it goes ahead and increases the cost of its Prime membership, though a recent survey indicates the loss may be bigger than expected.
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Netflix’s recommendations will soon be even more on point, with Amazon’s aid

With "deep learning"-based algorithms and the cloud servers made available via Amazon Web Services, Netflix aims to think like a human when it recommends what to watch next. The end-product will be something akin to a neural network made up…

Amazon shows its hand, buys Killer Instinct developer Double Helix

Amazon has purchased Double Helix Games, the studio behind the recent Killer Instinct remake. The financials behind the deal weren’t released, but we know the purchase includes both the talent from the studio and its intellectual…
Home Theater

Amazon follows suit with second batch of original pilots

The Netflix-rival in the online video-streaming world, Amazon diversifies its original content with a new bundle of pilots.

Amazon says it may increase Prime membership fee by as much as $40

Amazon's chief financial officer Tom Szkutak said Thursday that the increasing price of fuel and other shipping costs means the companye giant may increase the annual fee for its Prime service by up to $40, pushing it from $79 to a possible…

How to sell (almost anything) on Amazon

Selling through Amazon is quick, easy, and less precarious than contacting a stranger directly about their vintage record player. Follow this foolproof guide to selling on Amazon.

Amazon reportedly preparing to launch $300 Android gaming console

Amazon is reportedly working on a new gaming system for the living room that will use a Snapdragon processor, utilize an Android operating device, and cost around $300.

Walmart puts more focus on distribution to compete online with Amazon

Attempting to take on Amazon by providing more expedient shipping options for customers, Walmart is investing in online-only distribution warehouses built at strategic locations around the country.