Lenovo defies the rest of the market by continuing to grow its PC business

Despite how the PC market is generally faring, Lenovo is doing quite well in that department, posting healthy growth and sales numbers. You can learn more here.

Lenovo’s first Windows Phone, and a wearable device, coming this year

The president of Lenovo's mobile division has confirmed it'll launch its first smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 before the end of the year, and also talked about the release of a wearable smart device around the same time.

Surface Pro 3 vs Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: Specs, features, and prices compared

Here, we pit the Surface Pro 2 and the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro against one another. So which device emerges victorious from this contest? You'll have to click through to find out! Learn more here.

Lenovo announces its first consumer Chromebooks

Lenovo has announced a pair of upcoming consumer Chromebooks, the N20 and N20p. Though expected to retail at $279 and $329, respectively, these pint-sized systems offer strong processors and better connectivity than some ultrabooks.

Lenovo and LG could be the smartphone firms to watch in 2014

The latest 2014 smartphone marketshare figures show Lenovo is a company to watch over the coming year, and by using its own data, LG is also on the move. Neither will challenge Samsung or Apple yet, by Huawei needs to watch out.

Lenovo will drop a new all in one desktop priced just under $1,300 this summer

With a $1279.99 starting price tag, Lenovo's upcoming A540 All-in-One desktop seems to target mid-high end users looking for a capable do-it-all PC. Learn more here.

Microsoft is extending Windows XP support!…in China that is

Microsoft will team up with Lenovo and Tencent to give Chinese Windows XP users continued support. You can learn more here.

HP beats expectations and surpasses Lenovo, shipping 7 million notebooks in Q1 2014

If current trends continue throughout the rest of the year, HP may overtake Lenovo as the top shipper of notebook PCs for the entire year. Learn more about HP's first quarter performance here.
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Lenovo unveils new A-series tablets aimed at budget market

Lenovo has unveiled a bunch of new tablets aimed at the budget market. The A-series collection, which comprises four devices ranging in size from 7 to 10.1 inches, is set to hit stores in the next couple of months.

Fire hazard: Lenovo recalls batteries for ThinkPad computers following incidents

Lithium-ion batteries shipped inside ThinkPad computers between October 2010 and April 2011 are being recalled by Lenovo after it was found they could be a fire hazard. In the US, 34,500 affected batteries are believed to be in circulation.