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Qualcomm-powered BrailleNote Touch Plus helps bridge the technology gap for the visually impaired

Touch-screen technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our devices, but not everyone has benefitted from the removal of buttons on our smartphones. For seeing-impaired users who rely on braille to read and write, a flat surface can be a frustrating barrier making the devices we rely on every day inaccessible. Fortunately, HumanWare has stepped up to improve the lives of millions of visually impaired smart device users with the BrailleNote Touch Plus.

This Android tablet is mounted with movable braille touch keys that tell the user what is happening on the screen in real time. The BrailleNote Touch Plus’ unique design also allows users to keep their fingers on the keyboard attached to its case while using their thumbs to read the braille pad. The BrailleNote Touch Plus has also been updated with Qualcomm® APQ8096 64-bit processor, which is designed to provide much greater speeds and a better performance than the earlier version of the popular tablet.

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This tech for change innovation takes advantage of Qualcomm Technologies’ lightning-fast processor to allow visually impaired users to write papers, access videos, get their email and search the web at high speeds using just their fingertips. The tablet is compatible with most third-party applications and even comes with Dolphin’s EasyReader Plus application already installed, so users can begin downloading and reading books right away.

Whether you are a child learning how to read or an adult trying to improve your workplace efficiency, this tablet aims to close technology gap for the seeing impaired so everyone can be part of the smart device revolution.

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