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Mobile-first: Empower virtual workers with Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams

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This content was produced in partnership with Verizon.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, being able to communicate quickly and reliably with coworkers, customers, partners and others is essential. But for many organizations, their workforces are increasingly distributed, hybrid and mobile, and their collaboration experience is fragmented with many, disparate solutions, devices and tools that often don’t work well together. That’s why many companies are turning to collaborative apps like Microsoft Teams to help workers more effectively connect and collaborate no matter where they are.

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaboration work experience that includes meetings, internal calling, chat and more. While Teams has become synonymous with modern work, out of the box it doesn’t offer the ability to make and receive calls outside the organization. Since many employees work remotely, in the field or on the go and need to retain access to enterprise-grade functionality, having a fully-featured unified communication solution from a mobile device is vital. That’s where Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams comes into play.

Verizon is the first U.S. operator to unlock the power of Microsoft Teams and deliver a truly native mobile collaboration experience. With Verizon for Microsoft Teams, taking a Teams call is as simple as answering your business-provided Verizon mobile device. And calls from the mobile native dialer can be seamlessly uplifted into Teams for a complete virtual meeting and collaboration experience.

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Enterprise-Grade Mobile Communications Enables Anywhere Work and Reduces Costs 

When working remotely, employees expect the same reliable and efficient collaboration experience they have while in the office or at a dedicated worksite. Juggling multiple communication endpoints can be tedious, frustrating, and even negatively impact the customer experience for employees if they are unable to respond to clients in a timely manner. But with Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams, workers get the security, reliability, E911 services and features they expect from an enterprise-grade calling solution, coupled with an easy-to-use, complete mobile-first Teams collaboration experience.

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams provides superior call quality and reliability, as Teams calls using the smartphone’s native keypad or dialer are delivered as voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls, not data, over Verizon’s 5G/LTE wireless networks. Users stay connected virtually anywhere with the simplicity of one phone number that works across mobile and Teams endpoints. Incoming calls ring simultaneously on all Teams endpoints, including the mobile phone, computer, tablet or desk phone. And there is no need to have the Teams app open so staff will miss fewer calls, be more productive and ready to deliver exceptional customer experiences without missing a beat.

How Do Employees Benefit?

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With Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams:

  • Improve productivity and responsiveness by giving employees tools to work securely from anywhere across the devices of their choice
  • Reduce costs by consolidating multiple phone numbers into a single, mobile number, eliminating redundancies and driving out costs
  • Unify communications and streamline the tools used by employees
  • Enable corporate calling policies such as call recording and retention of voice calls, compliance and data governance protocols to users’ mobile devices
  • Provide calling redundancy across the organization in case the Teams platform experiences an outage
  • Simplify the management of mobile phone numbers by consolidating to a single, mobile phone number using the Teams admin interface
  • Fully manage voice security and connectivity in the Verizon cloud

How Does It Work?

Imagine you need to make an important call on your way into the office but your company mandates that all business calls must be recorded and made on a business-provided line. In the past that meant having to wait until you got to the office to make the call. But with the addition of a third-party solution, call recording can be extended to mobile devices allowing Teams calls to be recorded for compliance. Now, with Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams, you can make Teams calls from wherever work takes you and be assured that you are in compliance with corporate policies. And when you reach the office, you can seamlessly uplift the call from the mobile native dialer to the Teams app on your PC, without dropping the call and access the Teams capabilities that you rely on, without interrupting the flow of work.

Mobile and frontline employees also have access to intuitive, easy-to-use Teams features  on any device, regardless of location. For example, they can view combined call history and voicemail via the mobile native dialer and Teams endpoints, create virtual meetings on the go, and so much more.

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams: Getting Started

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams mobilizes Microsoft Teams by turning a business-provided Verizon mobile device into a Teams endpoint. Make and receive calls outside the organization, and when needed, seamlessly move calls made via the mobile native dialer directly to Teams, giving users anywhere access to Teams capabilities. The simplicity and convenience of a single phone number that works across all Teams endpoints gives remote and on-the-go users the same Teams experience they know and rely on when working onsite, in the field, or at home.

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