2013 Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Resonance Concept

Nissan unveiled an interesting new concept vehicle at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show: the Resonance. This space-age-looking crossover no doubt previews what the next generation Murano will look like and how it will be powered.

The Resonance is an all-wheel drive CUV powered by Nissan’s proprietary “one-motor, two-clutch” hybrid electric powertrain. The system which uses a small gasoline engine and an electric motor with a corresponding lithium-ion battery pack. The setup is essentially a standard hybrid system, but with a few tweaks that improve efficiency.

Nissan has aimed for the Resonance to conjure up images of futuristic first-class space travel, as silly as that sounds. Complete with a “floating” roof – achieved by having a thin A-pillar, a full glass roof panel, and a thick D-pillar – we think they’ve hit the nail on the head. Nissan has also been daring enough to include carbon-fiber wheels wrapped in some one-off rubber.

On the interior, Nissan again aimed for the stars, bragging its designers have achieved a “VIP lounge” feel on the interior. With white leather with brown accents and blue lighting throughout, we’re not so sure they’ve hit the VIP mark. What is a dead-on success, however, is the digital, rear-projected, holographic center stack display. The instrument cluster, too, is a holographic image. While we love this sort of futuristic tech, we’re virtually certain it won’t be included in the next-gen Murano.

Will the next Murano, which we expect to see debuted in about a year, be as tech-savvy or as striking as the Resonance? Probably not. We are certain, though; the Murano will feature the “one-motor, two-clutch” hybrid setup and at least borrow a few of the bodylines of the Resonance, making it one seriously cool crossover.