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No, that’s not a reject Transformer; it’s Honda’s Concept D

Honda’s Chinese arm has just revealed an all-new, full-size concept SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show, cleverly called Concept D.

While, based upon the looks, D could stand for any number of things, like Dragon Fish, Demonic Robo-Pig, or Dirigible, it might as well stand for “Don’t expect to see it Stateside,” as the concept shows the way forward for a Chinese domestic market range-topping SUV. Now, why exactly the handsome Honda Pilot isn’t good enough for the Chinese domestic market is beyond me.


With gold paint, gold accent wheels, and a face that only a fourth century emperor could love, the Concept D is likely designed for hauling around middle-class Chinese and their gold-covered iPhones and Apple Watches.

Other than a few images, all Honda will say about the concept is that it features advanced technology. Like what? We can only guess. Maybe it’s a transformer … with the ability to transform into a better-looking SUV?


All cheap shots aside, I do rather like the look of the thing. Not because I think it’s attractive, which I certainly don’t. Instead, I like it because it looks like nothing else on the planet. We’ve recently derided automakers like Lincoln for cribbing the design pages of other carmakers. Honda hasn’t done that in the slightest. For that, at least, it deserves kudos.

We’re likely to see plenty more wacky concepts unveiled in Shanghai this week, so be sure to check back soon for more.

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