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BMW is building a super M4, and odds are you can’t have one

BMW’s Spanish division has introduced a market-specific, limited-edition variant of the M4 christened Competition Sport (CS).

The CS bridges the gap between the regular M4 and the track-ready GTS model that was introduced last fall at the Tokyo Auto Show. It uses an evolution of the M4’s turbocharged 3.0-liter, straight-six engine that has been tweaked to develop 450 horsepower — 20 more than stock — at 7,000 rpm. The six’s torque output remains the same at 405 pound-feet over a broad range that stretches from 1,850 all the way up to 5,500 rpm.

The extra power lets the CS reach 62 mph from a stop in four seconds flat, and go on to a top speed of nearly 175 mph. A seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission controlled by shift paddles sends the six’s grunt to the rear wheels, while up-sized carbon ceramic brakes bring the action to a stop.

Visually, onlookers can tell the CS apart from a regular M4 thanks to specific 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped by low-profile tires, and a carbon fiber body kit that includes a front splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a huge wing mounted on the trunk lid. A sport exhaust ensures the difference between the CS and the M4 can be heard, not just seen.

The CS puts a bigger emphasis on comfort than the GTS. It comes with a rear seat, and the list of standard equipment includes a heads-up display, a rear-view camera, rain-sensing wipers, and power-adjustable heated front seats. Clearly, it’s not a stripped-out, street-legal race car. A numbered plaque on the center console lets the occupants know that they’re not riding in a run-of-the-mill M4.

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The BMW M4 CS will go on sale across Spain in the coming weeks. Production is limited to just 60 examples, and pricing kicks off at 132,900 euros, a sum that converts to over $150,000. In comparison, the regular M4 starts at 92,100 euros (about $109,000) in Spain, and the GTS retails for 166,900 euros (roughly $190,000). As of this writing, BMW isn’t planning on offering the M4 CS in other markets.

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