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Porsche may summon the Speedster back for a limited-edition 911

Porsche 911 Speedster
Ronan Glon/Digital Trends
The next limited-edition Porsche 911 will revive the emblematic Speedster name, according to a recent report coming out of England. The topless two-seater is tentatively scheduled to make its public debut next month during the biennial Frankfurt Auto Show.

Enthusiasts will immediately know what the Speedster name stands for; it’s been around in one form or another since the 1950s. If you’re in need of a refresher course, the nameplate typically denotes a limited-edition two-seater version of the 911 Cabriolet with a special body kit, a lower windshield, and a model-specific cloth soft top. England’s Car magazine reports it will likely get a set of Fuchs alloy wheels that channel the company’s heritage, too.

The last 911 Speedster (pictured) introduced at the 2010 Paris Auto Show received aluminum doors borrowed from the 911 GT3 in order to cut weight, and an upgraded flat-six engine that exhaled through a less restrictive exhaust system. Expect its successor — which will be the fifth Porsche to wear the Speedster nameplate — to receive similar weight-saving features, though we suspect Porsche Exclusive will use carbon fiber instead of aluminum this time around. It will also get a powerful turbocharged engine worthy of what’s expected to be an eye-wateringly high base price.

Unless Porsche has another surprise up its sleeve, the Speedster will be the last variant of the current-generation 911. A brand-new model named 992 internally will make its debut in less than two years’ time, according to insiders. It will wear an evolutionary design (what else would you expect from a 911?) but early reports claim the rest of the car will receive major changes. It sounds like Porsche is still on the fence about whether or not to add electrification to its best-known model.

Porsche hasn’t revealed its plans for Frankfurt yet, so we’re taking the rumor with a grain of salt. If it’s accurate, we’ll bring you live images of the next 911 off-shoot straight from the show floor on September 12. If you’re interested in one, we suggest you contact your Porsche dealer as fast as possible; the last Speedster was limited to just 356 examples worldwide, and it sold out faster than you can call your banker and say “I need $200,000.”

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