ABT Sportsline ‘sort of’ improves the looks and performance of the Audi A6 TDI

abt sportsline sort improves looks performance audi a6 tdi 4g0 front dr 14
ABT says it has 'sort of' improved the Audi A6 TDI when it made the ABT AS6. I agree.

Just when Audi performance enthusiasts thought quattro GmbH was all they had to think about for the ultimate Audi, ABT unveils a performance-tuned A6 at SEMA.

ABT Sportsline is the largest aftermarket tuner of Volkswagen AG cars on the globe and is planning to open an outlet in Los Angeles. Before it does, however, it has a new performance sedan to unveil in SEMA: the ABT AS6. This is not just a performance Audi, however. It’s also a TDI diesel.

ABT took the standard 245 horsepower A6 TDI and squeezed from it 286 horsepower and 500 pound-feet, representing a leap of more than 41 horses and 72 pound-feet.

Then ABT designers laid their hands on the sleek A6 body. Here’s how ABT put it: “The ABT front spoiler sort of lowers the car’s center of gravity at least visually; fender inserts and side skirts and the carbon fiber mirror covers underscore the athletic design and reveal at first glance what drivers can expect. The rear end is also accentuated by the ABT rear spoiler in combination with the ABT rear skirt kit (incl. tail pipe covers).”

ABT A6_4G0_Seite_DR_14

Did you catch it? ABT says its front spoiler “sort of lowers” the AS6’s center of gravity. Yes, I am sure it does. Adding to that appearance of a lower center of gravity, ABT bolted up some sportier ABT springs.

From there, designers made sure the AS6 stops as strongly as it accelerates, adding an ABT brakes. ABT doesn’t say how much better these brakes are, but I am assuming they’re at least “sort of” better.

Finishing off the new look, designers slapped on some ABT ER-C premium sport-type wheels. These, I think, are the best-looking ABT addition to the AS6.

I – for one – am all for diesel performance tuning. While some automakers look to hybridization to improve performance, I think Volkswagen is right on the money with its focus on efficient and torque-y TDIs.