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iOS in your dashboard? This video might reveal Apple’s answer to in-car Android

apples ios car in the

Each automaker has its own vision for how technology should operate inside the car, but that philosophy requires a learning curve for drivers and passengers alike. It may not come as a surprise, then, that Apple has hinted at a way to incorporate its iOS mobile platform as a replacement or supplement to existing automotive infotainment systems.

In this video, developer Steven Troughton-Smith displays how iOS would look on a 800×400-pixel display, not unlike many of the navigation displays found in cars today. Troughton-Smith claims that this platform will be accessible through iOS 7.0.3 (already installed on most current-gen iPhones), and that the system will be touchscreen-compatible, and scalable for larger and smaller displays. He also suggests that the system will be controlled almost entirely by Siri, which will eliminate the need for a keyboard.

The inclusion of iOS will likely simplify the use of current in-car navigation and entertainment systems for iPhone and iPad users, or at least make the controls a little more intuitive. It’s hard to argue with the advantages of familiarity, especially since most folks use their phones far more often than they fiddle with the controls in their cars.

If you’re thinking Apple is ahead of the Android game here, think again. Four automakers and Google recently announced plans to bring an open-source Android OS into your dashboard within the next few years.

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