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Name that tail light! Motor Recall iPhone app has you guessing car models at night

are you afraid of the dark motor recall iphone app has guessing car models at night ios

Take a moment and ask yourself why you love your phone so much. Does it look cool? Is it because you can browse the Web while on the go or watch House of Cards while on the throne? Or is it because it’s probably the best time waster man has ever created? I’m gonna go with the last option because I’m willing to admit that no grown man should play Candy Crush Saga as much as I do.

With my horrible secret now exposed to my adoring fan (hi Mom!), it’s time to redeem myself and move onto another phone-based time waster that won’t bring as much shame on my house and will validate my existence as a true automotive enthusiast.

That’s where the Motor Recall app comes in. For many people, it probably wont be as addictive as the pixelated, diabetes-inducing candies littered across your screen in a game of Candy Crush, but if you’re into cars, it’s a pretty cool app that will have you smiling.

The premise for Motor Recall is pretty straightforward and features two different game modes: “Match,” as its name suggests, has you matching different headlights with their corresponding taillights. The equally ingeniously-named “Guess” has you – wait for it – guessing what vehicle is being shown based on headlight and taillight patterns. As players score points, they unlock even rarer vehicles, with more than 250 available as of now and new cars added monthly.

Case by Case, the developers of the app, say they came up with the idea for Motor Recall after witnessing a bunch of drunk guys loading up on after-party munchies at a Dunkin Donuts. Fueled by booze, these young bucks were arguing over what the make and model of car stopped at light outside the shop’s window. The argument, the developers say, was finally settled once the car sped on by, which was no doubt followed by punches to the shoulder and numerous shouts of “I told you, bro!” Good times for all.

Motor Recall is currently only available in the Apple App Store for $0.99, with no Android version announced as of yet.

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