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Audi’s next-gen TT will use the Matrix to light the road ahead and – perhaps – drive itself

Audi will be pulling the covers off its latest model – the TT – next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Ahead of the unveiling, however, it has released four teaser photos of the car to adequately whet our all-wheel drive German sports coupe appetite.

And I dare say they’ve certainly piqued my interest.

The design sketches show a car much more reminiscent of the original TT but with some undeniable hints of the R8 supercar mixed in. Thankfully, though, the third-gen TT is not a complete throwback. This new one has an attitude of its own.

“The sill contour forms a powerful light edge and the wide wheel arches constitute distinct geometrical entities,” Audi bragged in its press release. “At the front, the wheel arch intersects the hood join, which continues over the door as the tornado line and extends all the way to the rear. The flat greenhouse looks like an entity in its own right. The shape of the C-post, with a slight kink, gives the TT a powerful, athletic look and enhances the impression of tension.”

Sensuous lines aren’t the only thing that all-new TT will be offering. It’ll also have the virtual cockpit that Audi showed at CES. And it’ll also have the Matrix beam headlights that are currently illegal in the U.S.

Between you and me, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the new TT offers new levels of autonomous technologies.

When I rode in the autonomous A7 in Las Vegas earlier this year, an Audi engineer hinted to me that the German brand’s next all-new car would serious integrate many of the self-driving systems I experienced. “If you follow our refresh cycle, you’ll figure out which one.” I knew this immediately to mean the TT.

Aside from headlights, interior design, exterior lines, and a hint of autonomy, we don’t know much more about TT. Surely, however, it – just like its predecessors – will be an incredible driver.

As soon as we know more of the new TT, we’ll be sure to bring it to you. So be sure to check back soon.

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