Audi’s future design language to be showcased with four-door concept the LA Auto Show

Last week, the Los Angeles Auto Show revealed that a whopping 60 vehicles would be unveiled at the event, 30 of which will be exclusive global premieres. The identity of most of those entries is still unknown, but an antecedent to the Audi A9 is nearly a foregone conclusion.

Autocar is reporting that an advanced, four-door Audi concept is headed for the motoring show, one that will serve as a sneak peak into the future of the brand’s design language and showcase a “highly technical look.”

The flagship will likely use aluminum as its primary construction material and be based on the same MLB platform that underpins the upcoming fourth-gen A8. It’s expected to wear a redesigned ‘singleframe’ grille and a revamped version of the trick digital instrument cluster that complements the 2016 TT’s ‘Virtual Cockpit.’

Given the German automaker’s commitment to high-tech R&D, it’s a good bet that Audi will reach even deeper into its utility belt for the conceptual flagship. Whether its laser headlights, autonomous driving technology, regenerative suspension, or electric turbos, there are a lot of futuristic goodies to choose from in Ingolstadt.

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As with most concepts, expect variants, if not entire sections of the car to carry over into production. The concept it is yet to be named, but sources close to the company have all but confirmed that the range-topping four-door will preview the upcoming Audi A9.

Engines could range from a new 3.0-liter, twin-turbo V6, all the way to a 600-horsepower, twin-turbo V8 in a high-performance model. Diesel and hybrid versions, which could allow for a zero-emissions range of 31 miles, are also in Audi’s plans. 

The Audi A8 (2015 A8 L W12 shown) is already a vehicle with impressive stature, but the German automaker looks to improve on that with the Porsche Panamera-fighting A9. One source predicts that concept will be over 5000mm (16.4 feet) in length.

The LA Motor Show kicks off November 21st.