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Sleep on your car with this new ‘Mini Countryman’ roof tent

autohome roof tent mini designboom 02
Don’t live out of your car — live on top of it. A new partnership between BMW-owned Mini and the Italian company Autohome has yielded quite the result — a roof tent that you can pitch on top of your Mini car.

This is nothing new for Autohome, which actually specializes in building rooftop habitats. Because why sleep on the ground when you can sleep … five feet above ground? But what is notable about this new project is that it is being done in collaboration with the Mini Design Team. The special edition SirTop roof tent is meant specifically for use with the car, which means that you don’t need to worry about special fit or bringing tools to install the sleeping space. Rather, you’ll be able to set it up and take it down in a matter of minutes, basically with your bare hands.

Available in black or white color options, the new Autohome complements the Mini Countryman, whose roof and mirrors feature custom (often bright) colors. When it’s closed, you’d hardly even know it was on top of your car, as its aerodynamic fiberglass lines reduce air resistance and wind noise. The tent is raised with four gas pressure springs, and comes with a high-density mattress, two doors and windows, mesh mosquito nets, and a battery-powered LED light.There are also luggage nets and pockets for storage, and in order to get from the ground to your rooftop abode, you can climb up the aluminum ladder provided by Autohome.

In total, the roof tent measures 2.1 meters in length and 1.3 meters in width, and promises to be rain proof, to offer ideal ventilation, and keep out heat (or keep it in, if need be) and reduce noise. The roof tent will set you back just over $3,000, but if you’re looking for a creative way to get outside this summer, this may just be the perfect companion for your next road trip.

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