Automotive erotica: New Yorkers call for ban on parking to slam the breaks on car sex

Automotive erotica New Yorkers call for ban on parking to slam the breaks on car sex

Apparently not all sex in the city is tolerated in the Big Apple, especially sex in cars. The New York Post reports that residents of Midtown Manhattan have grown quite irritated with the couples motor-mating outside their $9,500 a month apartments.

The problem seems to stem mainly from visitors of local hotspots Rebel NYC and The Parlour Midtown. Clubgoers are routinely seen littering the streets with condoms and other paraphernalia, often taking their late-night “activities” from the clubs to the car. Residents have become increasingly irritated and have therefore requested the Community Board to ban weekend parking on their streets.

Thankfully, the board didn’t need to think long and hard on the matter and granted the residents request, going on to mention a host of other violations occurring as well including drug use, double parking, and an overwhelming amount of sexual activity.

So will the ban prevent couples from taking a wild “ride” inside their cars? Not likely, at least not for now. The board has no way to enforce the ban and is currently petitioning the city and awaiting a review by the Department of Transportation. Of course, if it passes that would mean the New York City Police Department could very well get involved.

Despite the community board lacking real authority to deal with the issue before the city gets involved, there might be a solution to the problem looming on the horizon. The NY Post reports that State Liquor Authority recently denied The Parlour’s request to renew its liquor license, pending an investigation of recent violations. Right now the club is allowed to remain open for business while the SLA conducts its review, but should it fail the bar could be forced to close up shop.

In the meantime, if you do happen to stumble upon a couple who are, well you know, you could always ask them to stop, but we imagine that would be pretty awkward. 

[Image credit: Shutterstock/Conrado]