Too few cup holders in your Tesla Model S? 3D print a couple extra

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What’s the biggest problem with the Tesla Model S, you know, aside from the fires? It’s the lack of a center console and a slew of cup holders. I mean, with only two cup holders from the factory, where are my family and supposed to put our Big Gulps when on a high-speed emissions-free road trip?

Thankfully, Thingiverse has come up with blueprints for a Tesla Model S center console for the Stratasys MakerBot 3D printer.

Aside from the MarkerBot, the designer says all you’ll need to put the thing together – besides patience – is “an xacto [sic] knife and some superglue.”

I guess I misunderstood 3D printing. But I thought part of the point was printing stuff you didn’t then have to MacGyver together.

The designer goes onto say that he tested the center console with “Diet Coke, various water bottles, a Tesla coffee mug, and an Amstel (!) Bigger drinks may not work. The phone holder was tested with an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Bigger phones may not work.”

Surely, Elon Musk – or your local authorities – won’t want you taking the Amstel with you on your eco commute.

While this print-yourself unit will hold plenty of things, it’s not quite as refined as the aftermarket Model S center console being sold by Teslaccessories.

Is the Thingiverse one cheaper? Sure. But the price you pay in looking like a cheapskate (not to mention the 3D printer itself) might outweigh the savings – or the storage capacity.

(Main photo credit: Thingiverse)