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Irony alert! Tennessee Tesla driver causes blackout after crashing into power pole

drunk tennessee tesla driver causes blackout after crashing into pole teslacrashtop650

Revenge of the electric car indeed!

A Tesla Model S recently crashed into a power pole in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, causing a blackout of the surrounding area for a few hours and surging irony levels to newfound heights.

WGSN reports that the driver of the wrecked Model S was taken to the hospital but suffered no injuries. Reports also indicate that the $70,000+ Model S has seen far better days.

The driver, who was female, reportedly told officers who arrived on the scene that she was “messing with the radio” when she veered off the road and crashed into an power pole. No official word yet on whether or not she was listening to Eddie Grant’s Electric Avenue.

The woman was later released into police custody where she was charged with a DUI (Driving while Under the Influence) as well as Violation of Implied Consent when she reportedly refused to undergo a blood alcohol level test. That’s certainly not incriminating. The driver was not hurt and from the photos, it looks like all the Tesla’s airbags were on task and encapsulated the driver in puffy orbs of safety. The Tesla’s front end didn’t fare so well, unfortunately.


We don’t typically make light of other people’s misfortune, especially when there is a real risk of bodily harm, but this woman’s actions are truly boneheaded. Not only should you not drink and drive, but doing so in a $70,000+ EV is just asking to be trolled.

Tennessee’s power pole pulverizer isn’t the only one that didn’t quite understand how to operate the Model S, though. Before the police could load the 4,800-pound car onto a flatbed, they had to receive information and “technical instructions” from Tesla on how to shut it off. Apparently, there’s no big “on/off” wall switch in the car.

To be fair, Tesla’s operate a little differently than most cars so the cause for confusion may be warranted. Walking up to the Model S with key fob in hand or pocket triggers the door handles and wakes up the car. All one has to do from there is get in, whisper a word of thanks to Mr. Musk, put a foot on the brake and put it in Drive. Shutting it off is virtually the same process in reverse. Simply place the car in Park and walk away. It locks up on its own if you forget.

That has us thinking: Maybe the electric naysayers are right; maybe EVs do pose a threat… at least to power poles.


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