Ferrari F620 GT V12 supercar to debut ahead of Geneva Motor Show next week


With a mere eight days to go, Ferrari has decided to tease us with an all-too-quick glimpse of its upcoming supercar.

Kindly requesting that we save the date, the Maranello outfit will officially pull the curtain back on its newest prancing stallion the F620, which Ferrari is labeling as the “most powerful Ferrari ever.” 

While spy shots and rumors regarding its composition have been circulating the web for a while now, it appears the date is finally approaching – and in typical Ferrari fashion, it’s approaching us rather quickly.

Exact details on the new F620 GT haven’t been released yet, based on what we have seen, though, the F 620 GT will be a front-engined, rear drive V12 designed to carry the torch the Ferrari 599 has so successfully done up until now. We anticipate the F620 GT to be lighter than the 599, making extensive use of aluminum in its construction. The Ferrari F620 GT is also said to feature a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with an F1-style electronic differential.

Look for Ferrari to officially unveil the F620 on February 29th with its public debut coming shortly after that at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.