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Hold onto your hair, Ferrari may be planning a topless LaFerrari Spider

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari recently announced that it would expand its lineup by launching new variants of existing models, but who could have predicted that Maranello would slice the top off its ultimate supercar?

Yes, a roofless LaFerrari Spider may be in the works.

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According to Automobile Magazine, Ferrari will build just 50 of these insane cars at double the price of the LaFerrari coupe. If it does make it to production, the Spider would likely be a roadster with a removable roof panel, not a convertible.

The LaFerrari Spider would be the first open-topped Ferrari flagship since the F50, and would feature one of the most extreme driving experiences of any production car. In a 950-horsepower roadster, you won’t just feel the wind in your hair, you’ll feel it getting peeled off your scalp.

The Spider isn’t the only rumored LaFerrari variant, though. Ferrari will also reportedly build a track-only “XX” version to succeed the Enzo-based FXX. Only 30 of these cars will reportedly be built, with an expected power output of 1,050 hp.

That’s about 100 hp more than the “regular” LaFerrari, and handily tops the recently-announced McLaren P1 GTR’s 986 hp rating. Don’t be surprised if you find a lot of carbon-fiber splinters from wrecked supercars during future visits to the local track.

Given the original LaFerrari’s awesome capabilities, it’s hard to see why Ferrari would need to take things further with the Spider and XX variants. The only real explanation is “Why not?” and that will probably be good enough for the handful of buyers that will get the privilege of putting one of these cars in their garages.

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