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12-cylinder symphony: Watch the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione tear up Monza

For gearheads, there is no sound more revered than a V12 Ferrari on a racetrack. A V12 Ferrari is an icon, a purebred legend for its performance, character, and undeniably stirring voice.

This video of the 2014 Ferrari XX Programme at Autodromo Nazionle Monza, a famous racetrack in Northern Italy, is a fine example of that, and one with a very exclusive guest list.

Only a select group of owners who have been lucky enough to purchase a Ferrari FXX or 599XX are selected to participate in the non-competitive track day. These “owner-test drivers” put their thoroughbred, track-only stallions through the ringer at some of the world’s most famous racetracks, but non-more prized than Monza.

The Ferrari FXX Evoluzione, the star of this video, is an even more hardcore version of the FXX, itself an already stripped-down iteration of the Enzo. Outside of removing the headlights or constructing the body out of Aerographite, this is about as uncompromising (and as good) a Ferrari you will ever see; the Evoluzione is near the pinnacle of what Ferrari are capable of on a technical level. All those accolades come at a price though, as these extremely limited edition racers have sold for upwards of $2.1 million.

Despite the radical LaFerrari garnering most of the current headlines, the FXX Evoluzione is no slouch: it has a 6.3-liter, 850-horsepower V12 attached to an F1-style gearbox, allowing this car to rocket from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds. Even more impressive, the Evoluzione can reach its theoretical top speed of 250 mph in less than forty seconds.

These types of cars usually sound pretty rough at idle, but, when pushed, the Evoluzione’s V12 sounds like a masterpiece … somewhere between a classical violin and an enormous swarm of bees.

Don’t take it from me; watch the 9,500 rpm V12 sing for yourself.

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