That was fast. Ford sells out first 500 2015 Mustangs allocated to Europe

2015 Ford Mustang convertible

Ford opened up orders in the U.S. last week for the V6-powered 2015 Mustang Fastback, leaving orders for the 2015 EcoBoost and GT models for a later date.

The Mustang Fastback, though, won’t be available to European buyers. Accordingly, Ford opened up the order banks for the first 500 Mustangs slated for European sale during last weekend’s final for the UEFA Champions League, according to Motor Authority.

Fervor surrounding the all-new Ford was so fierce that all 500 2015 Mustangs headed across the pond sold out in 30 seconds.

Since the V6-powered ‘Stang isn’t available in Europe, buyers got to choose either an EcoBoost or GT model in one of two colors: Race Red for the coupe or Magnetic Silver for the convertible.

The 500 all-American pony cars will be split across 20 countries. Americans will begin receiving their 2015s this fall, but European buyers will have to wait until next year.

Why did these ponies sell so quickly? This is the first time in the Mustang’s 50 years on this earth that Ford is officially offering the car in Europe. Though they’ve been available across the pond before, these rare examples were imported by private companies.

I guess this proves that although European sports cars might be more precise, American sports cars are way cooler.