The Fuell Fluid is a long-range ebike fueled by its Harley-Davidson heritage

Differentiating ebikes can be difficult, especially when most look pretty much alike. There are tons of choices in this relatively new transportation category, with ebikes designed for urban commuting, trail riding, beach cruising, or just knocking around town. Fuell’s Fluid performance urban mobility ebike is unique due to its heritage.

Fuell’s CTO is Erik Buell, a member of the American Motorcycle Association Hall of Fame and a former engineer with Harley-Davidson. Before, during, and following his time at H-D, Buell focused on performance motorcycles and especially motorcycle racing. Fuell’s first ebike is a product of Buell’s dedication to speed, reliability, and style. According to Fuell, the Fluid is the longest-range, best pedal-assist ebike, and goes farther and faster than its competitors.

Fuell’s design team set its sights on building an ebike for city riders and outdoor adventurers who want a best-in-class vehicle. The Fuell Fluid’s specifications back the company’s claims from frame to battery configuration and even the ebike’s dashboard.

Everything about the Fuell Fluid underscores the attention to detail. The Fluid’s custom aluminum alloy frame holds two 48-volt batteries with a total 1,008-watt capacity. Each battery has an LED charge level indicator. An included 4-amp fast charger can recharge one of the batteries 80% in 2.5 hours and 100% in 5 hours.

The Fluid’s batteries power an exclusive-to-Fuell Bofelli 500-watt mid-chassis motor that uses a Gates Carbon belt drive to turn a Shimano Alfine 8-speed geared hub. Top speed is 20 miles-per-hour with one battery and 25-mph with both batteries installed. The motor pulls hard with a maximum 100 Newton-meters (74 foot-pounds) of torque (74 foot-pounds). According to Fuell, the Fluid’s maximum range is 125 miles, depending on speed, pedal assistance, and grade.

The Fluid ebike has a Suntour XCR34 front suspension with 4.7 inches of travel. Tektro 180mm hydraulic disk brakes front and rear provide ample stopping power. The 69-pound bike rides on Pirelli Cycle-E GT 27.5-inch tires.

The user dashboard is a 3.2-inch IPS color display and includes both antitheft and convenience features. In addition to showing speed, pedal assistance power level, and battery level, the dashboard incorporates a 4-digit PIN code security feature and has a USB smartphone charging port.

We have not had an opportunity to ride a Fuell prototype or production model. Based on specifications alone, the Fluid has the makings of a sturdy, high-performance ebike that will require little or no maintenance. The carbon belt drive doesn’t even need grease, so if you have air in the tires and the brake levers do their job you should be good to go.

Fuell raised more than $1.2 million in pledges from backers for the Fluid ebike in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The campaign funds are earmarked to take the Fluid ebike from the prototype into the final production. Shipping is estimated to begin in January 2020.

The Indiegogo campaign has officially ended, but Fuell is still accepting pledges at significant discounts from the final retail prices. The pricing varies depending on accessory levels and whether one or two batteries are included. The Fuell Fluid 1S Prime model comes with two batteries and will list for $5,499. The current $3,644 pledge price represents a 33% discount but is set to expire August 21.

We always encourage caution when participating in a crowdfunding venture.


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