Infiniti’s Q80 Inspiration isn’t just a concept; it is a first glimpse at a new model

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration
Infiniti has made it clear that it wants to distance itself from once-parent company Nissan.

The upscale automaker is now officially registered as a separate company, Infiniti Motor Co., and has its own headquarters in Hong Kong to show for it. The manufacturer is finalizing a partnership with a new ad agency as well, but if there’s one thing that will truly solidify a brand’s independence, it’s a unique product.

Enter the Q80 Inspiration, a four-door fastback concept that Infiniti previewed this week.

Scheduled to officially debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, the Q80 Inspiration previews a new, range-topping four-door from the company, and hints at the styling direction of Infiniti’s future generations.

Infiniti calls the concept “category-breaking,” “audacious,” and “elegant,” and the raked windshield and full-length panoramic glass roof give credibility to the automaker’s claims.

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration

The fastback-style rear end (and lack of door mirrors) give the Q80 a sleek, yet commanding presence, but it also looks to be Infiniti’s largest car by a wide margin. With a 122.2-inch wheelbase, the Q80 measures a full 2 inches longer than the stretched Q70L.

Other than the car’s caboose, we can’t see much from Infiniti’s teaser photos. However, the manufacturer promises a lush interior with spacious “1+1+1+1” seating, “advanced adaptive suspension,” and a lightweight, rigid chassis.

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One of Infiniti’s fiercest competitors, Audi, just announced very similar news.

Although the German automaker’s concept will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show, the flagship four-door may preview the upcoming A9 and showcase the brand’s forthcoming design language.

It could do so chalk-full of cutting-edge technology, such as laser headlights, electric turbochargers, regenerative suspension, and a revamped digital instrument cluster.

Let the battle begin.

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