Hennessey makes the 458 Italia faster than any other road-going Ferrari – ever

hennessey makes the 458 italia faster than any other road going ferrari twin turbocharged 2013 spider by performance 10043672

Few men have the gall to look at a Ferrari and think they could do better. Luckily for us, the masterminds at Hennessey Performance did just that.

They took a “regular” 562-horsepower 458 Italia and squeezed 738 horsepower and 532 pound-feet of torque from it. The result, as you can see in the video below, is a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds – making it the faster than any road-going Ferrari on the planet.

How did Hennessey pull an extra 176 horsepower from the 458 Italia? First, they fabricated a custom twin-turbocharger system and added a high-flow intake, a bigger exhaust, an air-to-water intercooler, upgraded fuel injectors, new oil and transmission lines, and then topped it all off by remapping the ECU. That’s just what we would do, too.

According to Motor Authority, the Hennessey team didn’t stop there. They added custom 20-inch wheels, a new KW suspension complete with adjustable shocks and threaded spring perches. On the interior, custom leather and Alcantara trim bits are offered to compliment the additional carbon fiber and aluminum dash trim.

For those concerned that these aftermarket upgrades will simply cause a premature and catastrophic breakdown of the 458, think again. The turbos max out at pedestrian 7 PSI and the whole upgrade is backed by a one-year/12,000 mile warranty. So with a bit more boost, it could probably be even faster but with less (or zero) warranty coverage.

So what will this upgrade cost you? The basic package starts at $59,995 – and we don’t have to tell you that price doesn’t include the Ferrari. That’s sold separately for just a few ticks over a quarter million dollars.

High volume levels are recommended: