Smokescreen! Bisimoto’s 1,029-hp Honda Odyssey is a family-hauling burnout monster

honda odyssey minivan 1029 horsepower burnout

 Sure, no minivan needs 1,000+ horsepower. Don’t tell me for a red-hot second, though, that you wouldn’t drive the hell out of one if it did.

This absolutely mental minivan is the creation of the horsepower wizards at Bisimoto.

Bisimoto started with a 2014 Honda Odyssey, ripped out the motor and transmission and added a custom-built J35 V6 engine with Bisimoto spec Arias Pistons, RR Rods, Porsflow head, supertech valvetrain, GE sleeved block, Deatchworks 2000cc injectors, AEM Infinity EMS, NGK spark plugs, and filled the motor with PurOl Oils.

Oh and before they buttoned it all up, they bolted up a huge Turbonetics/Bisimoto BTX7265 turbo and a six-speed manual transmission with a Spec clutch.

To give the Odyssey a proper performance stance, Bisimoto added some Fifteen52 wheels wrapped in Toyo tires and slammed the baby-hauler to the ground with an Airride suspension.

The result, as you can see below, is an emasculated minivan-driving man’s dream. Yes, it’s likely wildly unwieldy and prone to explosions. But I don’t care.