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How about a $38,000-a-year job searching for abandoned supercars?

If you’re a fan of flashy cars who’s looking for a change of scenery, then how about becoming a supercar scout in Dubai?

Luxury goods website HushHush is looking for someone to head to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to find and acquire abandoned supercars that it can then sell on its website. The UAE is home to a large number of abandoned high-performance cars, with many apparently discarded by high-rolling expats — or wannabe high-rollers — fleeing the country to escape harsh penalties for failed loan repayments.

The successful candidate will be provided with accommodation in Dubai, together with a living allowance and travel expenses. They’ll also receive annual pay to the tune of 30,000 British pounds (about $38,000) and a commission for each vehicle acquired and eventually sold, whether it’s a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or any other motor that most folks will never be able to afford.

“We are looking for a Supercar Scout to join our team to seek out and acquire abandoned supercars in the UAE for resale on our site,” the job listing reads.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

No prior experience is needed, though applicants should be over 21 and have a full driver’s license.

“The right candidate will need to have a great working knowledge of supercars, their rarity and approximate market value, as well as the ability to track down owners or finance companies to negotiate acquisitions for us.” A tolerance for very hot weather will also come in handy.

Whoever bags the position will also be tasked with making arrangements for shipping the cars to HushHush’s storage locations.

“We’re hopeful that we will find someone with a passion for cars and the initiative to track down the finance companies and negotiate before cars are impounded by the authorities,” HushHush founder Aaron Harpin told The Mirror, adding, “This is a great opportunity and [we’re] excited to see the results.”

Motoring site Drivetribe recently took a look at the issue of discarded supercars in Dubai and the other UAE cities. It found that “luxury cars including Ferraris, Koenigseggs, and pricey BMWs have all been abandoned as their owners flee bankruptcy brought on by financial crises.” It explained that under local laws, non-payment of debt is a criminal offense, and as the UAE has no bankruptcy laws, there’s no protection for anyone who fails to meet their car repayments, or pay off other debts. “As a result, many expats are forced to abandon their lives to avoid jail time, often with their car keys still in the ignition,” the report said.

Many of the abandoned supercars end up at auction, so whoever is selected by HushHush to seek out the vehicles will have to find them before they’re impounded and sold off. Still, there are reportedly thousands of the cars gathering dust across the UAE, so whoever lands the job should have a good chance of making some interesting finds.

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