Jaguar C-X17 renderings look less wildcat and more fierce kitten

jaguar c x17 renderings depict a more boring take on production version of suv rear primary

While we weren’t sure whether it was a brilliant move for Jaguar to target its sister company, Range Rover, with its crossover concept, there was no denying the thing had some sharp lines.

Early production renderings of the Jaguar C-X17, seen above, indicate that the showroom-bound model of the SUV could be a lot more conservative than the concept unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Despite some reports that the renderings don’t deviate far from the concept, the silver production model depicted doesn’t quite invoke the same emotions as the sporty blue take on the SUV showcased at Frankfurt. 

In fact, personally I think the illustrations, done by artist Theophilus Chin, depict an SUV with a lot less edge than the one covered by Digital Trends in a previous report.    


The design elements of the potential production model of the C-X17 aren’t as aggressive as the lines on the Frankfurt concept, which puts you in the mind of the Range Rover Evoque. Key styling cues in the potential production renderings include a taller roof, enlarged front and taillights, increased ground clearance and smaller wheels.  

The rear hatch and front bumpers on the renderings are also a lot less dramatic.   

That said, the renderings still are probably a pretty good indication of what a production C-X17 could actually look like considering that the SUV will likely be positioned as a more conservative option to a Range Rover. Well, at least it should. Since both brands are owned by Tata Motors, building another vehicle targeted at the same market segment for the sake of appealing to a few buyers wouldn’t make sense. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Still, if the C-X17 comes across too plain it runs the risk of being just another luxury SUV on the market when matched against other competitors in the segment.

Image Source:  Car Buzz